Marginalia #24

Although I haven’t read the academic literature on folk horror, Ingham’s introductory guide to the genre was a delightful read. Ingham illuminates the defining characteristics of this enigmatic genre, while also exploring the edges where its boundaries blur and fracture. Ingham’s curated list of films captures the unsettling essence of folk horror. Last Friday, I … Continue reading Marginalia #24

Marginalia #17

I Like Bats (1986) follows a young Polish vampire as she navigates the difficulties of love after she falls for a psychiatrist. Wonky in a fun way. Part of the House of Psychotic Women set. I’ve been blasting Model Citizen’s 2006 Save It for the Campfire while I get ready for the new album coming … Continue reading Marginalia #17

Marginalia #16

Comedic anarchy that feels like the Marx Brothers meets MAD Magazine–though MAD didn’t exist in 1941. There’s a great dance sequence provided by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers with music by Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart. Beauty! I can’t explain the excitement of discovering this release. Blood Harvest features Tiny Tim as a potential killer clown. The … Continue reading Marginalia #16