Lost Chords and Serenades Divine

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Albums and books I’ve written about:

LC/SD #1: Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band: II (2016)
LC/SD #2: Junk Genius: Ghost of Electricity (1999)
LC/SD #3: Sparks: Hippopotamus (2017)
LC/SD #4: Fever Ray: Plunge (2017)
LC/SD #5: Axl Rosenberg and Christopher Krovatin: Hellraisers: A Complete Visual History of Metal Mayhem (2017)
LC/SD #6: John Maus: Screen Memories (2017)
LC/SD #7: Angles 9: Disappeared Behind the Sun (2017)
LC/SD #8: Oumou Sangaré: Mogoya (2017)
LC/SD #9: Stump: Quirk Out (1986)
LC/SD #10: Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones: The Sporting Life (1994)
LC/SD #11: Deep Purple: Machine Head (1972) [Dialogue with John King]
LC/SD #12: Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band: Safe as Milk (1967) [Dialogue with John King]
LC/SD #13: Palm: Rock Island (2018)
LC/SD #14: Sweatin’ to the Goths
LC/SD #15: An Interview with poet Tina Mozelle Braziel
LC/SD: #16: Dua Saleh: Rosetta EP (2020)
LC/SD #17: J.J. Anselmi: Doomed to Fail: The Incredibly Loud History of Doom, Sludge, and Post-Metal (2020)
LC/SD #18: Christopher C. King: Lament from Epirus: An Odyssey into Europe’s Oldest Surviving Folk Music (2018)
LC/SD #19: Silica Gel: May Day (2020)
LC/SD #20: Gwenifer Raymond: Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain (2020)
LC/SD #21: An Interview with Jad Fair