Marginalia #7

Artaud’s manifestos on the Theater of Cruelty. Certainly transferable to other art forms. I read this 20+ years ago after discovering various early-20th Century avant-garde manifestos. Worth a reread with fresh eyes and more experience. Holbein’s paintings are favorites and I’ve always wanted to track these down. Functions like a Memento Mori Tarot. Le danse … Continue reading Marginalia #7

Marginalia #6

This was repeatedly recommended to me, so I finally read it. Very practical if you’re open to it. If anything, it may help refine your current processes. I tend to set goals that are too general and even though I know tracking is important, I often stop doing it. Here’s to making that a habit. … Continue reading Marginalia #6

Marginalia #5

More interesting and insightful than I thought it was going to be. Australian folk horror from the early 80s. A precursor to Hereditary, maybe? Genuinely bad, but possibly fun for those with a penchant and the patience for horror on a low budget in the 80s. Takes on apartment horror/possession. Some hilarious dialogue hilariously delivered. … Continue reading Marginalia #5

Marginalia #4

A light academic introduction to the Kolchak mythos. The author makes a case for Kolchak being the blueprint for the television version of the occult detective/reporter. Some interesting horror and historical analysis throughout. A great book on the use and experience of drones in music. Covers folk, traditional, rock, electronic, and other genres. A trio … Continue reading Marginalia #4


A collection of Stull recordings is now available on Bandcamp. Stullification is a collection of two recent streams of the band. One is based in rock improv and the other is based on processes something like cut-ups or the exquisite corpse game. Downloads come with a “Tear Kettle” video. Continue reading Stullification