Just What I Needed

Check out some J9 videos if you enjoy your humor somewhere between quotidian observation and dada. One of my favorite images from the series is of a miniature motivational hippo exhorting from beneath a car in a grocery store parking lot. That may give you some idea of what to expect from them. I look … Continue reading Just What I Needed

Some Terror Test Updates

The Terror Test is a podcast made by teachers about horror movies. They are currently doing a series of episodes related to Sady Doyle’s book Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power. As part of the series, I interviewed Southern root-worker/Tarot reader EllieMae Plantagenet about the influence of the … Continue reading Some Terror Test Updates

From the Eunoia Archives: The Terror Test: Test Prep #11

Originally written for The Terror Test podcast. Check out their new website. I am now writing Lost in Arhkam. Previous Test Prep essays.  Written for an episode in which the guys visited South Korea and discussed I Saw the Devil and The Host. Revenge Is a Fist Best Served Boldly Contains I Saw the Devil (2010) spoilers.  “This is certain, that a … Continue reading From the Eunoia Archives: The Terror Test: Test Prep #11