A video I made for Stull, a sometimes musical project I make sounds for.



John King asked me a few years ago to write and record a version of an old folk song called “Jolly Sailor Bold” for The Drunken Odyssey. I failed in an amazing way. A few years later after learning how to work with a DAW I wrote a few versions, including this one that re-interprets the folk melody through a surf version of Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

A video I made for a guitar improvisation by Kelly Coyle. I take guitar/bass lessons from Kelly and after discussions about working with delay, I wanted to recreate his ideas in a visual form.

A video for a recorded version of a poem that was published a few years back.


Journey Worlds: Episode 1. I helped my kids make these videos based on their stories.

Journey Worlds: Episode 2. I helped my kids make videos based on their stories.


A video for a music project I had based on guitar improvisations.


I co-wrote those with Trey Lane and others for the New Orleans 48-Hour Film Project.

Under Construction…


Cup of Joe“: I co-wrote this short with director Chris Hilleke, who won the Excellence in Directing award at the Sidewalk Film Festival when it was shown. I also did some music and production assistant work.