Words and Music Elsewhere

A work in progress….

Film and Music and Film Music

Stull: improv/rock group that’s been around for almost two decades in a variety of forms. I’m currently in the bass chair.

Played some bass on Jasper Lee’s debut LP Mirror of Wind

“Cup of Joe” co-written with Chris Hilleke (plus some score work)

Score work on Chris Hilleke’s “Some of What I Know About Tommy”

Score work on Chris Hilleke’s “The Thing About Being: An Assassin”

The now defunct Necronomikids

Not quite dead, not quite living: Dirt Scab Band

I did a lot of improv here.

The Terror Test: Test Prep (short essays on horror movies)

Lost Chords and Serenades Divine (music reviews at The Drunken Odyssey)

Haiku for the Centennial National Cherry Blossom Festival at The Washington Post

“we had to use containers” in Matchbook Volume Four

“Solve for y” and “Zen Circle or Dick Grayson’s Dream of the Life Cycle” at shufPoetry (Issue 7)

“With Half a Smile and Uncertainty” at Driftwood Press (V1.# 1)

Three Poems at The Bakery
“And It Was Leap Year”
“Buzzing and Ice”
“This Is Heaven”

“A Million Rowboatsat BRICKrhetoric

“The Essential If” in the Slash Pine Press Festival Anthology 2014

“Imagine You Are An Unwanted Milkshake” and “Five Points Will Get You Ten” in Cumulus

“Ghazal for the Missing” at The Five Hundred

“Homunculus,” “A Curved Hand” and “And Wait” in Project for a New Mythology (V2. # 1)

Little Billboards (hybrid / haiku / humument)

Aesthetic Drift #23: On Finally Reading The Outsiders (w/Caroline Johnson)

Night Terrors flash fiction at Map Literary

“Like the Ones I Used to Know” at The Five Hundred

“In the Cup of the Beholder” at The Five Hundred

Good as Earthworms (for Jan Švankmajer)” at Project for a New Mythology

Audio essay about Where the Sidewalk Ends at The Drunken Odyssey

“30 Things I Love Right Now” at Try101

Three pieces in the now out-of-print Voices from a Safe Harbor, book showcasing Mobile Bay Writing Project fellows.

“A Successful Formula for Middle School Inclusion: Collaboration, Time, and Administrative Support” (co-writer) at Research In Middle Level Education Online

Comics / Art Collaborations
“Next Door” : Collaboration with Mark Ehling

Ghoulanoids: to be continued? Comic with Derek Ballard

“Love’s Labor” with Josh Burggraf

The Coven of Lonely Gourds with Reed Randolph

“Biscuits and Bacon” a mini-comic with Derek Ballard

“It Happens In Here” with Derek Ballard in You Ain’t No Dancer: Volume 1

Interviews (by me):

Ashley M. Jones: writer

Emma Bolden: writer

TJ Beitelman: writer

Adam Vines: writer

Interviews (with me):
The Outrider Podcast: Episode 21

Kumamoto Daily News with Reiko Robertson

Review of Nicole Callihan’s SuperLoop

Review of TJ Beitelman’s John the Revelator

Liner Notes for Alabama Bound by Them Natives

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