Marginalia #18

That cover/poster will probably tell you as much as you need to know. Either that image draws you in, or you reel with disgust. That last one is the smart decision. It’s not the one I made or ever make when presented with so many cinematic possibilities. The movie is hysterically stupid and I loved … Continue reading Marginalia #18

Marginalia #17

I Like Bats (1986) follows a young Polish vampire as she navigates the difficulties of love after she falls for a psychiatrist. Wonky in a fun way. Part of the House of Psychotic Women set. I’ve been blasting Model Citizen’s 2006 Save It for the Campfire while I get ready for the new album coming … Continue reading Marginalia #17

Marginalia #16

Comedic anarchy that feels like the Marx Brothers meets MAD Magazine–though MAD didn’t exist in 1941. There’s a great dance sequence provided by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers with music by Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart. Beauty! I can’t explain the excitement of discovering this release. Blood Harvest features Tiny Tim as a potential killer clown. The … Continue reading Marginalia #16

Marginalia #15

Ahh…the Sight and Sound list of greatest films. I’m glad I don’t take those things seriously anymore. I do appreciate seeing the variety of critics’ lists because it challenges me to see movies I may not have come across on my own. Finally saw Vigo’s last film, L’Atalante, which I had confused with von Sternberg’s … Continue reading Marginalia #15

Marginalia #14

I was able to read the second edition that’s coming out next year. Great as a reference, especially if you consider the scores and credits sequences more interesting than most shows themselves. It’s fascinating to get an insight into the process and how it changed over time. The arrangers must have been mainlining speed in … Continue reading Marginalia #14

Marginalia #13

A fascinating history for the film obsessive in your life. While being focused on the development of synching sound to image in movies, it is also a decent history of the studio system. If you’re already interested in the morbid, melancholic, and macabre, then there will be some old friends here. I found the biggest … Continue reading Marginalia #13

Marginalia #12

Not necessarily about Twin Peaks, but about what the show has meant to fans, specifically women who have experienced trauma. I was a little disappointed at first, since I expected more of an analysis of the show, but I realized that I wasn’t the intended audience. I still got a lot from it. Plenty of … Continue reading Marginalia #12