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Almost Overheard + Goodbye, Eunoia

This is a conversation that I heard about but didn’t hear. 5YO: Do you have any kids’ shows on your TV?Grandma: Nope. 5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t watch those shows.5YO: You don’t even have the channels?Grandma: Our TV doesn’t have those channels.5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t […]

The Week That Was, or Waiting Out the Clock

An exhausting week. Sometimes in a good way–a decent amount of work and writing done, children’s art and messiness–and sometimes bad–just sort of, well, exhausting. I wrote about Fever Ray’s Plunge and the last of The Outrider’s season on resistance and community is available. David Foster Wallace said that the production company’s […]