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Almost Overheard + Goodbye, Eunoia

This is a conversation that I heard about but didn’t hear. 5YO: Do you have any kids’ shows on your TV?Grandma: Nope. 5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t watch those shows.5YO: You don’t even have the channels?Grandma: Our TV doesn’t have those channels.5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t […]

The Week That Was, or Waiting Out the Clock

An exhausting week. Sometimes in a good way–a decent amount of work and writing done, children’s art and messiness–and sometimes bad–just sort of, well, exhausting. I wrote about Fever Ray’s Plunge and the last of The Outrider’s season on resistance and community is available. David Foster Wallace said that the production company’s […]

The Week That Was, or And But So

Most of the week was taken up with getting the second semester of school under way. That and the continual fight with the dryer. I will now have to hire a true mercenary after four troubleshooting attempts that have exhausted my limited handyman artillery. I’ve been a lifelong horror fan […]