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Serenity Dagger Release Info

Over in the menu, you can find some information on the upcoming Serenity Dagger release. Or just click here. You can also check out a work-in-progress over at Derek Ballard’s Instagram. He’s playing with a story we wrote a while back. Plus, you can check out all kinds of other […]

To Boldly Go

After a library visit, we were driving by a very popular taco joint near us and I commented on its popularity. My youngest improvised a song: I sat down at the taco placeand asked them to feed my face.I ate it all and then got scared,‘Cause I farted myself up […]

McClurg’s Music to Ouija By

At some point a relative of mine worked on novelty recordings, including several haunted house records, and then made albums that supposedly capture the sound of these hybrid Ouija/keyboard instruments he built that played music and conjured EVP. We’re not sure how many of these he built or where they […]


While reading a De Quincey collection, I came across some lines of Shelley that I either hadn’t read or hadn’t remembered, but I immediately responded to them in this context: With hue like that when some great painter dips His pencil in the gloom of earthquake and eclipse. I genuinely enjoy […]