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Little Billboards #77

Eating the TaleStrategies of foodshould be read by anyonewho likes a long, cold burnimpassioned with clarity. This is eating the tale. Pay homage to disease,obesity, abuse, corruption, danger,to math, to Schwarzenegger. Research something to chew:the lid, the tradition, the landscape. A fierce investigative narrativeis just about perfect.

In Space No One Can Hear You Kaboom: A Poem

I wrote this Robert Frost/Marvin The Martian poem for a pop culture poetry anthology that ultimately didn’t get published or funded or something. Maybe reading Robert Frost’s “Desert Places” and its “empty spaces between stars” led me to thinking about one of my favorite cartoon characters. I had read Frost’s […]

Little Billboards #78

PrioritiesGrowing, its package solid. A tool movement portrait,wake-up call, super-size serving. This is a scantily examined anatomical portrait.Talented. Considerable. A good long time for this age of disease.A flair–an arsenal–points the way. We are the drive-through window,a picture peppered with barbarism, lets selves glint in gusto.