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New Music: Knuckle Dustup

This is the first track from a music project with Justin Litaker called The Spiritual Animal Kingdom. “Knuckle Dustup” started with an improvised track made by Scott Bazar using a nano bug wedged inside a large tuning fork. We edited that track and then wrote the rest of the piece […]

New Music: Zazel dans le Nitro

This continues a collaboration with improviser/guitarist Scott Bazar. There’s a playlist on SoundCloud of what we’ve done so far. He’s a continual inspiration. I never know what he’s used to make his tracks and it’s like a surprise I get at the end of the process when he sends me […]

New Sounds + Words

Scott Bazar and I have started collaborating. Our first track has some spoken word elements from me, while his foundation track was improvised, partially with a microwave rotator. The first time I played with Scott, I was at a festival and in a small theater. The instrument he gave me was […]