Just What I Needed

Check out some J9 videos if you enjoy your humor somewhere between quotidian observation and dada. One of my favorite images from the series is of a miniature motivational hippo exhorting from beneath a car in a grocery store parking lot. That may give you some idea of what to expect from them.

I look forward to each episode.

The most recent one is animated and involves the search for a new drummer.

Speaking of searching for drummers, my guitar teacher Kelly Coyle and I have both recorded eleven-second solos for a Nigel Tufnel tribute headed by Scott Fields. If you play guitar, record something for it! (Thanks to Jeff McLeod for passing this along! Check out his Isolation Jams!)

I’ve been taking lessons with Kelly for about a month and it’s been just what I needed to get over some fingerstyle guitar hurdles and to make my bass playing more melodic when it needs to be.

He’s been posting daily improvisations. Some are more guitar-centric than others, like today’s:

Some aren’t. Here’s one of my favorites:

I hope you’re finding the things you need.

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