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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan Svankmajer movies.

1. Current Listening: May Day by Silica Gel

2. Current Viewing: "Uncle Yanco" (1967).

3. Current Reading: Ottessa Moshfegh: Death In Her Hands

Not Just Just Daddy

I did some guest work on some recent releases I thought I’d share. Just Daddy’s God Housekeeping is described as a dark ambient/doom record and I like it a lot. I did a few bits and pieces with no real reference for what the record was going to be. I’m […]

New Music: Knuckle Dustup

This is the first track from a music project with Justin Litaker called The Spiritual Animal Kingdom. “Knuckle Dustup” started with an improvised track made by Scott Bazar using a nano bug wedged inside a large tuning fork. We edited that track and then wrote the rest of the piece […]