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Little Billboards #84

Citrus Smokestacks(found poem–pg. 21 of Eric Schlosser’sFast Food Nation) The town out on the edge nicknamed “Citrus Smokestacks”had just sixty inhabitants. It was the last stop.Tourists and migrants jammed cheap motels.A local motorcycle club, “Airborne Angels,”celebrated families and small children and Marlon Brando. They supplied a new yin and yang. […]

Almost Overheard + Goodbye, Eunoia

This is a conversation that I heard about but didn’t hear. 5YO: Do you have any kids’ shows on your TV?Grandma: Nope. 5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t watch those shows.5YO: You don’t even have the channels?Grandma: Our TV doesn’t have those channels.5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t […]

To Boldly Go

After a library visit, we were driving by a very popular taco joint near us and I commented on its popularity. My youngest improvised a song: I sat down at the taco placeand asked them to feed my face.I ate it all and then got scared,‘Cause I farted myself up […]

Might as well….

A few friends of mine have worked through the “Favorite Films for Every Year I’ve Been Alive” and it looked like fun. Zine-Queen Delaine Derry Green posted hers on Facebook and digital slayer and general maker-of-things Trey Lane made a rad Storify version of his. My Favorite Film for Every […]

That Time of Year You May In Me Behold

School is incessant. Essays pile up. Standardized tests becloud the horizon. My feet are unfailingly wet. Either my children have hydrokinesis and practice on my socks, or they are careless around water. Despite the times, Friday saw the release of Jasper Lee’s Mirror of Wind LP. Jasper’s most well-known music […]