Almost Overheard + Goodbye, Eunoia

This is a conversation that I heard about but didn’t hear.

5YO: Do you have any kids’ shows on your TV?
Grandma: Nope.
5YO: Why not?
Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t watch those shows.
5YO: You don’t even have the channels?
Grandma: Our TV doesn’t have those channels.
5YO: Why not?
Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t need them.
5YO: But didn’t you plan on having grandkids?
Grandma: Honestly, no.
5YO: Hmmm…


I worked on a project called Eunoia Solstice for about five years with two friends of mine, Jason and Eric. Like any project of the sort (a kind of a literary website–thingy), it ran its course.

Jason is working on a variety of podcasts that are worth checking out. He’s following his passions and concerns (one being a focus on local creators in Wichita) while working on his novels. His first novel The Evolution of Shadows is fantastic. The follow-up will be even better.

Likely, Jason and I will work on something together down the road. What that will be exactly, neither of us knows.

Eric (and Jon) will have a website soon for their horror podcast The Terror Test. If time permits (and the guys let me), I may try to write essays that go with some of their content, but we’ll see.

I’m currently transferring my earlier Test Prep essays and other work over to this site, so some of that work will start appearing here. Despite being in grad school for a third time, being in a new job, and having two kids, Eunoia Solstice was a creative and collaborative outlet at a time when I badly needed it. I actually enjoyed the editorial work I got to do on the site, including the work with one of my mentors, John Coker, who died in 2015.

Over the next few months I’ll be figuring out how I want to archive some of that material while working on new stuff.

Here’s to all your toes and fingers and keeping what you started with this celebratory season.


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