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Pardon Our Poultry

7YO: Guess who?ME: Who?7YO: Chicken poo! 5YO: Daddy, guess what?ME: What?5YO: Chicken pee!ME: I don’t think that….5YO: Guess who!?ME: Who?5YO: Chicken glasses!ME: I’m not playing this anymore. 7YO: One more! Guess what?ME: Ok, one more. What?7YO: Chicken butt! ME: Ok. 5YO: A–S–S stands for butt. MOM: Let’s not repeat that […]

Stolen Moments

I’ve wanted to write something for Chuck Wendig’s Friday prompts for a long time. During the school year, it’s difficult to eek out something in a week and during the summer I usually have a variety of other work going on. Last Friday, in honor of Anthony Bourdain, Wendig asked […]

The Week That Was, or I Wish the Shoe Fit

This week included speeding tickets, stomach viruses, the stinkiest, and ultimately most inedible, Brussels sprouts ever, and a white-knuckled trip to work in rain, standing water, and without streetlights, among other slight disasters. My just-turned-four-year-old got a special present of pull-ups for her birthday because of the stomach virus. Taking […]