Marginalia #24

Although I haven’t read the academic literature on folk horror, Ingham’s introductory guide to the genre was a delightful read. Ingham illuminates the defining characteristics of this enigmatic genre, while also exploring the edges where its boundaries blur and fracture. Ingham’s curated list of films captures the unsettling essence of folk horror. Last Friday, I … Continue reading Marginalia #24

Marginalia #13

A fascinating history for the film obsessive in your life. While being focused on the development of synching sound to image in movies, it is also a decent history of the studio system. If you’re already interested in the morbid, melancholic, and macabre, then there will be some old friends here. I found the biggest … Continue reading Marginalia #13

Marginalia #7

Artaud’s manifestos on the Theater of Cruelty. Certainly transferable to other art forms. I read this 20+ years ago after discovering various early-20th Century avant-garde manifestos. Worth a reread with fresh eyes and more experience. Holbein’s paintings are favorites and I’ve always wanted to track these down. Functions like a Memento Mori Tarot. Le danse … Continue reading Marginalia #7