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Letters from Camp Aunt Sissy

While my wife prepped for the upcoming school year, the kids stayed with their aunt, uncle, and cousins. Our 5YO has many opinions. She informed us that she was going to wear a fancy dress and high heels to her first day of kindergarten. She decided to make do with […]

Learning Love Late

A few years ago, I started reading St. Augustine’s Confessions and just put it down because it wasn’t the right time. A few months ago, I picked it back up and the experience has been much different. The voice of it just grabbed me this time. I’m interested in tracking […]

Pardon Our Poultry

7YO: Guess who?ME: Who?7YO: Chicken poo! 5YO: Daddy, guess what?ME: What?5YO: Chicken pee!ME: I don’t think that….5YO: Guess who!?ME: Who?5YO: Chicken glasses!ME: I’m not playing this anymore. 7YO: One more! Guess what?ME: Ok, one more. What?7YO: Chicken butt! ME: Ok. 5YO: A–S–S stands for butt. MOM: Let’s not repeat that […]