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The Week That Was, or Waiting Out the Clock

An exhausting week. Sometimes in a good way–a decent amount of work and writing done, children’s art and messiness–and sometimes bad–just sort of, well, exhausting. I wrote about Fever Ray’s Plunge and the last of The Outrider’s season on resistance and community is available. David Foster Wallace said that the production company’s […]

Some recent viewing…

Titles in bold are ones I particularly liked. Animated “Drums West” (1961) Documentary Art / Literature Poetry in Motion (1982) Music Ornette: Made in America (1985) Art House Nostalgia (1983) Horror / Sci-fi / VHS Weirdness The Black Cat (1981) Death Watch (1980) The Alchemist Cookbook (2016) Everything Else The […]

Some recent viewing…

Over the last few years, I’ve posted mega-lists of works I’m either just starting to chew on or digesting. I’ve tried to write about this more frequently this year.  Titles in bold are ones I particularly liked. If you’re interested, I posted a Criterion and AFI Top 100+ lists this […]