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Catch the Spirit, Catch the Quinn

You can read Quinn’s post here. Check out The Laboratory #4! Reading V. After finishing War and Peace, I felt I had enough time to finish another longish novel before school begins. While teaching, I read shorter novels because my reading is interrupted so much by work. So far, V. […]

It’s not a trick, it’s an allusion.

I’m co-hosting a writing podcast with Jason Quinn Malott called The Laboratory. We are giving each other monthly writing prompts and then seeing what comes of them. I never studied creative writing formally, so the show gives me a chance to have conversations about process, creativity, blocks, culture, etc. that […]

After Quinn: Catch-Up #2

You can read the previous post for an explanation of the title. Read Quinn’s new post. READING: Still reading The Apocrypha and Roethke. Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. A student asked me about Cancer and I didn’t have much to say. That afternoon I went to the library to […]

After Quinn: Catch Up#1

One of my partners in the Eunoia Solstice venture posted a “catch-up” entry that I enjoyed. Actually, I’ve always enjoyed Jason’s posts and I keep him in mind when I write for my own blog. I stole the structure of his post for my own, but don’t expect mine to […]

still raving, still demon

Besides end-of-the-grading-period insanity this week has included respiratory illness! Multiple flat tires! Root canals! Homecoming week! Not only are the Ghoulanoids toys going fast, but Derek’s Cartoonshow #2 is also in the Best American Comics 2014 anthology as one of the “Notable Comics” of the year. Tasty! With all of […]