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Some Terror Test Updates

The Terror Test is a podcast made by teachers about horror movies. They are currently doing a series of episodes related to Sady Doyle’s book Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power. As part of the series, I interviewed Southern root-worker/Tarot reader EllieMae Plantagenet […]

Almost Overheard + Goodbye, Eunoia

This is a conversation that I heard about but didn’t hear. 5YO: Do you have any kids’ shows on your TV?Grandma: Nope. 5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t watch those shows.5YO: You don’t even have the channels?Grandma: Our TV doesn’t have those channels.5YO: Why not?Grandma: Grandpa and I don’t […]

Test Prepper

After an unintentional absence,  Test Prep is back. This entry is about the original Friday the 13th (1980). I was surprised to enjoy the film after a recent viewing. Once I hit page nine, I realized I was only about halfway through the argument I was setting out involving Northrop Frye’s commentary […]