Haiku Humpday

Losing my zen when I complain of rain. Atonement: A haiku for my grandmother who said I would be a teacher, but never saw me become one. I miss her homemade bread, soup, and pasta and the way she laughed. And, really, she’s one of the reasons that I have very little to complain about. […]

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Summertime is past and gone

Even though my “to-do” list grows by the minute, I needed to take some time to write and hopefully get back into a weekly rhythm. Summer has been busy, mainly music, music, music. I played on two very different recordings and will be excited to hear what happens with them. And, I had a little […]

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Towards a complete thought.

Chase two wombats, catch none. I told him that it’s pretty messed up that his reference for country music was the Dire Straits. It’s hard to muster school spirit when I can’t even cheer for myself. He was right when he said you don’t have to write to please some old, dead author. I would […]

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Summer Reading Project

All year I’ve been planning to read a giant novel or two that I’ve missed. So far, top spots went to War and Peace and Infinite Jest. After an intense year and a thoroughly mushy brain, I’ve decided to dig through our library for novels that I haven’t read, but are the shortest. If we […]

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