The Week That Was, or Summertime Roles

It’s early, but the kids are awake and packing. They get to spend part of today with their Nana. Amy and I will be celebrating our anniversary. We usually stroll through the rose garden we were married in and go out to dinner. We might attempt to make homemade ramen. I’m not sure.

I’m behind on most of my writing. I spent part of my week reading current research on teaching grammar, vocabulary, and style. I’m trying to have a lot of my planning worked out for next year since I’ll likely be taking on a second teaching job online because of some medical bills and other debt exacerbated by our flood. This was also supposed to be a kind of “vacation” week, but I didn’t do well with that.

While I’m catching up on some writing, John King and I discussed Deep Purple’s Machine Head for my latest Lost Chords. The discussion started in a previous post here. We have at least one more planned.

I try to spend some time each day at the park with the kids. We’re in full sunscreen and water mode. I should know better and need to remember to wear a hat. I got a bad headache after a few hours outside.

The kids seem to be enjoying summer.

4YO: How do unicorns say ciao?
Me: I don’t know.
4YO: Do they touch their horns to say ciao?
Me: That sounds right to me.
4YO: Hulk Smash always rips his pants.
Me. Uhhh…yeah. He sure does.

(She refers to the Marvel characters as “Hulk Smash” and “Thorn.”)

4YO: When Moana’s a big girl, she doesn’t wear underwear, but she does wear a diaper as a baby.

(I’ve asked how she knows Moana doesn’t wear underwear. She will not reveal her source.)

4YO: Momma got me in trouble.
Me: How did she do that?
4YO: I was bein’ bad.
Me: *laughs*
4YO: Why are you laughing at me? Momma got me in trouble!

I just found my 6YO’s “Writing Journal,” a school project that she is continuing this summer. Her first entry, from this school year, is “ISZBARIBPULY.” Last night, she wrote, “It is a rabbit” and was illustrating her sentence.

Some of my favorites:

For Christmas I got to sy mi grremo and grepo

The penguin is and the hot chocolate and

My favorite food is cake

I wut $100

There was a Pressess. She had a pone.

I smell air.


UPDATE: It has been discovered that the 4YO packed the cat in her suitcase.

UPDATE II: 4YO’s version of emergency phone numbers: “Relax. Relax. Relax.”

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