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Towards a complete thought.

Chase two wombats, catch none.

I told him that it’s pretty messed up that his reference for country music was the Dire Straits.

It’s hard to muster school spirit when I can’t even cheer for myself.

He was right when he said you don’t have to write to please some old, dead author. I would add to that those living.

Maybe try some new recipes.

I don’t normally think in narratives–mostly images.

This morning, upon waking, I could taste the fried chicken of my dream.

He looks broken and bent, but I wonder if he’s still crooked?

Good teeth make good neighbors.

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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan ҆vankmajer movies.

1. Current Listening: Lots of soul from Muscle Shoals

2. Current Viewing: A Hard Day's Night (1964).

3. Current Reading: H.G. Wells: In the Days of the Comet

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