Fresh Out of the Oven and Back Into the Classroom

It’s been busy around here. I haven’t been in my classroom for a week because of flooding from a sprinkler. My daughter’s first Halloween and Day of the Dead, a debate tournament, a wedding reception, along with the normal but neverending stack of essays to grade have made for a week busier than usual. My students have been great. I hope they’re looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule and classroom (did I mention that our schedule has been different every day as well?).

Also, I’ve been polishing up and recording some essays and poems that have been picked up. More details as I have them, but you can read the first of three poems today that The Bakery will be publishing. I’m really happy to get some work highlighted over there. They are doing daily, weekly, and monthly specials and even Sunday horoscope poems. I love the format of this online magazine. Check it out:

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