Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013)

Eunoia Solstice

The earliest artist I remember thinking about as an artist was Jim Henson. It’s secretly thrilling when my daughter shrieks with laughter watching new and classic Sesame Street. While I rarely react to celebrity deaths, I feel a pang of joy and loss when I hear Henson’s voice on those classic episodes.

The second artist I remember being aware of  is Ray Harryhausen. His stop-motion creatures sparked my interest in horror, sci-fi, and special effects at a very early age. To this day I love stop-motion films, especially those of Jan Svankmajer and the Quay Brothers.

Harryhausen was a friend of Ray Bradbury and outside of their impressive bodies of work, all three of these artists brought a youthful passion to their work which seems almost quaint in an era so inundated with sensationalism and cynicism.

He will be missed.

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Stephen McClurg

Teaching literature and writing takes up most of my time. I like hot sauce and Jan Svankmajer movies. 1. Current Listening: Julia Holter: Aviary 2. Just watched Letter from Siberia (1958). 3. A Current Reading Project: History of the Peloponnesian War

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