The Goading: Breeders’ Theatre

Poetry and Animal Husbandry

Eunoia Solstice

I’ve always enjoyed creating prompts, but more often than not get stuck somewhere in the middle of the response. I feel like if I don’t find the piece in the first draft that I am left lost in the dig. “The Goading” is helping to shine a light on it.

I was listening to an episode of The Drunken Odyssey! this morning and one of the guest’s reasons for loving prompts is that they “kill the muse.” I’m not sure of the state of the muse on this one. Without a doubt, she forced me to practice and reach outside of my comfort zone.


A. Find a section from Domestic Animals.

B. Copy and Paste it in the cut-up machine.

C. Use any interesting string of words as inspiration to begin.

Original Text (Before Cut-up)

All breeding is founded on the principle,that like begets like. This is…

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