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I’ve got work in various modes of production. Some liner notes. Some haiku and other poems. Some comics. Some larger projects.

An upcoming comic with Derek Ballard tentatively called “KNIFEZINE” will be a part of Yeti Press’s main releases in 2016.

From Yeti Press:

LOOSE KARMA will be two-artist ‘split zine’ showcases. Each issue will have a limited print run and be 24 pages (with each artist getting exactly half), including two covers. It will also feature an exciting collaboration between the artists in the middle spread of the book.

We’re starting with three issues in 2016.

We’re proud to announce the line-ups for the first three issues:

#1 Derek M. Ballard / Joe Garber
#2 Scotty Snowden / Pam Wishbow
#3 Rosemary Valero-O’Connell / Chris Kindred

LOOSE KARMA will be available in 2016 at TCAF, Linework NW, CAKE, and the Yeti Press online store.


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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan Švankmajer movies.

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