Date Night Suggestion: Go Bowling, Get Sad

My wife and I will get a rare date night soon thanks to Nana watching the kids.

Our 5YO’s date-night suggestion:

“You should go bowling. Then get sad that we’re not there and come back and get us and then we all can go bowling.”

I think the “us” is her and her sister, but she could mean them plus Nana and the cat for all I know. The cat has been packed into more than one suitcase.


With school starting, someone asked about the new kindergartener’s extra clothes packed in her bag. She said those were for “when I feel like peeing my pants.”


I took the kids to a library-sponsored kids-con that was Teen Titans Go! themed. The 7YO tried not to have fun, but since the library is her only shot at playing video games, so she took it. The 5YO, who loves the Teen Titans, had to get pictures with her favorites: Starfire and Raven. She got one with Cyborg because she liked his dance party and appreciated that he brought snacks to share.

The full convention was taking place over multiple sites, but they would intermingle. Many people had dressed up and there were some pretty neat costumes ranging from Pennywise to Star Trek to fluffy, cartoony things that I couldn’t identify. I thought I saw some awesome George Romero cosplay until I realized it was an older gentleman with a beard, ponytail, and large-framed glasses just having fun. He even had Romero’s big smile.

When I got to work the next day, I saw my umbrella in the back seat and felt pangs of sadness. It’s the first time I’ve driven the kids with an umbrella in reach and they haven’t caused multi-levels of hell chaos or tried to stick the damned thing in my ear while I’m driving.

They grow up so fast.

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