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New Video: Kelly Coyle’s “Traveling, Sitting Quite Still”

Kelly is my guitar and bass teacher. I started taking lessons in March as a way to get through lockdown. I had always wanted to take lessons, but either always said I didn’t have the money or didn’t deserve them. Getting back into playing music has helped get me through this year.

I’m studying walking bass and a range of folk music with Kelly as well as learning effects enough to attempt some of his improvised pieces we half-jokingly Ambient Americana after something in a Wire article. I’ve been more directly attempting to use fingerstyle guitar on electric whereas Kelly does something else I haven’t quite figured out.

He’s been posting videos of these pieces and, inspired by his use of public domain footage, I wanted to make one for him. I was hoping to capture visually some of what I hear in Kelly’s playing.

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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan Švankmajer movies.

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