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Fowl Play: For the Birds: Pt. 2

4. The bird with the coolest name for the “Metallica” font: Archaeopteryx “Without its feathers, Archaeopteryx looks much like a small coelurosaur such as a dromaeosaurid or troodontid.” Yup. More of that here and interesting info on bird/dinosaur history here. 5. The bird with the coolest name for any font: […]

Happy Days of the Dead

I think I’ve said in an earlier post how much I love the artwork of this holiday. Every year I swear I am going to decorate and every year I fail and instead offer up a morbid epitaph. The “calaveras literarias” are becoming a tradition for me. And, yes, tonight […]

Towards a complete thought.

Chase two wombats, catch none. I told him that it’s pretty messed up that his reference for country music was the Dire Straits. It’s hard to muster school spirit when I can’t even cheer for myself. He was right when he said you don’t have to write to please some […]

the post about not posting

My life rarely works the way I think it will. Maybe that’s actually normal, I don’t know. Grad school was interrupted the first time by my grandfather’s cancer, then interrupted later by my dropping out, then continued much later after realizing that music, particularly the music that I like to […]

Thinking about Teaching Thinking

While watching and discussing segments of the documentary Merchants of Cool (google it—you can watch it for free!) with sophomores, I found out that the media specialist behind the film, Douglas Rushkoff, has a new book out called Life, Inc. I’m also thinking about my own practices as a teacher […]