the post about not posting

My life rarely works the way I think it will. Maybe that’s actually normal, I don’t know. Grad school was interrupted the first time by my grandfather’s cancer, then interrupted later by my dropping out, then continued much later after realizing that music, particularly the music that I like to listen to and to play, wasn’t going to be lucrative.

It’s not for a lack of planning. I had solid four-to-five year plans through all of this. My current plans involved staying put in order to save money for a down payment on some kind of property. Well, staying put isn’t an issue anymore for various reasons.

And while I planned to update weekly, I didn’t expect to be moving so soon. Especially after I re-reinjured my back.

I’ll be back to regular posts soon. At least I’m moving into a cool place and while I’m never excited about moving, I’m excited about getting settled.

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