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Two Poems Reheated

I posted one of the poems I had published at The Bakery before it closed shop and here are the other two that used to live there. A friend of mine who was making zines wanted me to write a dream narrative for him to illustrate, so I wrote the […]

Towards a complete thought.

Chase two wombats, catch none. I told him that it’s pretty messed up that his reference for country music was the Dire Straits. It’s hard to muster school spirit when I can’t even cheer for myself. He was right when he said you don’t have to write to please some […]

My dreams rarely interfere.

It’s rare that I ever have a creatively useful dream. Most of the time my dreams are more like murmurs in a theater or bad action movie sequences. Not much useful there. Every now and then something happens that just stays with me. Here is one of the very few […]