My dreams rarely interfere.

It’s rare that I ever have a creatively useful dream. Most of the time my dreams are more like murmurs in a theater or bad action movie sequences. Not much useful there. Every now and then something happens that just stays with me. Here is one of the very few poems that I have pieced together from a dream.

Dream (10/07/07)

A stranger and his son are in my kitchen.
They slice venison sausage
for their first fishing trip together.

From the bathroom, I watch their shadows
cut the light of the kitchen underneath the door.

I am in a large, warm bath,
an inch from overflowing.
The bathroom light is off, but I know that someone
has left a silver ring at the bottom of the tub.

I leave the bath and go
to my Gorgon lover.
A head on a pillow on a bed.
Snakes away, eyes open.

I run to the living room where
a raccoon and two dogs,
heavy with grey and brown and white tumors
like water balloons ready to erupt from their skin,
scratch at the door.

Published by

Stephen McClurg

Teaching literature and writing takes up most of my time. I like hot sauce and Jan Svankmajer movies. 1. Current Listening: Julia Holter: Aviary 2. Just watched Letter from Siberia (1958). 3. A Current Reading Project: History of the Peloponnesian War

2 thoughts on “My dreams rarely interfere.

  1. This I did not get. I can only imagine that you have all this jumble of imagery in your head and you translate it into words and it becomes a poem. I do better with the prose pieces. You are good, abstract but good.

  2. Thank you! I don’t know if I get it all either. Like I said, writing down dreams rarely, if ever, works for me. It’s definitely more of a string of images than a narrative. I don’t mind that sometimes.

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