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Even though I’m wrestling with several challenges personal and professional, only one seems to fit this blog: the 100 books challenge. Ok, make that two: I’ve got to get glasses!

Since I published a few poems and have worked on two separate albums set to come out this year, I’m not pushing myself on the publishing front. Am I still writing? Of course! Can’t not do it, but I’m doing it for the rest of the year without the stressful “you’re nothing until you get something out there” push I have through most of the year. At my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot and all that…

So this year I’m focusing on reading. I’d love to spend time with the great Russian novelists I’ve always put off. Proust has always been toasting his cookies on the back burner. And finally getting down to reading some Vonnegut.

I’m currently reading through Leaves of Grass and Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone.

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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan Švankmajer movies.

1. Current Listening: Lots of soul from Muscle Shoals

2. Current Viewing: A Hard Day's Night (1964).

3. Current Reading: H.G. Wells: In the Days of the Comet

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