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For years, I have celebrated Day of the Dead by writing “calaveras literarias.” Some people write poems for loved ones, but another tradition is to write humorous “tombstones.” I write the latter–or try to. I mostly try to make fun of myself for my students.

This year’s is Bama-centric. I’m constantly asked about what team I cheer for and what I thought of “the game.” I don’t care about any of it! It simply is not part of my life. When I express this in the Land of the SEC, people often look at me like I’m peeing out of my eye sockets. I’ve got nothing against sports or athletes. They can be expressive and quite beautiful, but it’s just not an interest of mine. Anyway, that’s where this year’s cavalera came from.

Here Lies McClurg (2014)

He had no pals, not even a beagle.
On game days, even the sweet became evil.
But before season’s end,
He thought he’d find a friend,
No chance!–as he stood yelling “Roll Eagle!”


Here’s last year‘s, which has a link to the previous tombstones.

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Stephen McClurg

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