“The Brain Destroys the Animal”: New Stull Track

Stull exists in two realms: One is as a improv rock trio and the other is as a recording project based on a process that begins with Tracy’s percussion/field recordings. You can hear them woven together in the Stullification playlist.

When we’re in a room together, I mostly play bass. On these recordings, I play bass and a variety of keys, midi, and whatnot.

A lot of what I went for on this one was, as usual, based on Tracy’s track and the lyrics he has at the end of the song. I wanted to base what I did on that core, and wrote a song for the opening of the track. His track felt like almost a sci-fi / Ligotti–kind of thing. I wanted to capture that from a different perspective.

I don’t know if Thomas Ligotti ever collaborates or jams with anyone, so I was thinking of his sensibilities filtered through The Residents–or something like that.

The new track is below.

I got asked a few times about the lyrics. Here they are:

They sing of the many 
Faultlines in the brain,
But the song remains
Plugging up my drain.

Burnt my foot onstage
DJing at the rave.
We stopped to watch it burn
A brilliant neon pain.

Let me fall, let me fast,
Take my foot up off the gas.
There’s no time like the past,
And there never has been. 

Let me fall, let me fast,
Take my foot up off the gas.
If my dreams came true,
What else would I do?

She said tattoos and love
Were becoming a bore.
They both left you feeling
A little raw, a little sore.

What stops my heart 
From beating on the page?
And why can’t I keep 
My soul from being late?

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