a new denomination ain’t a thing but a name

A highlight of my week was having Abraham Smith jump-start the visiting writers series I’m developing for my school. On the day he spoke his new book came out and we got to hear him read from his own work and from greats like Dylan Thomas. I hope my students enjoyed interacting with him as much as I enjoyed their interactions. A great day at work.

There’s so much in the hopper right now. I’ll elaborate as I can.

The Five Hundred is a cool website that I’m currently using to work some fiction muscles. The way it works: Every month you get a prompt for a five hundred word flash fiction piece. Contributors are kindly workshopping each other’s pieces. And that’s it. This month there was a bonus one hundred word prompt, so I wrote a ghazal. I’m pretty happy with it. You can read it here. I still consider much of my fiction apprentice work and some of it makes me cringe. But, what the heck, you can read my response here. Check out some other work on there, too. As someone without access to or time for MFA courses, this site came to me at the right time.

I’m still writing with music. More inspiration in sound from this week:

The Sadies:

Lots of John Fahey:

And Abe Smith himself turned me onto Washington Phillips:






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