Several interesting possibilities may be coming up, but for now they are all potential energy. It’s been a busy few weeks and I hope that some of the work pays off, but I also know that sometimes it just doesn’t.

One of the projects that I know will pay off is getting ready for our second visiting writer TJ Beitelman, who just birthed a novel into the world. Good stuff! Has a mood not unlike Lynch directing some O’Connor or McCarthy. He’s going to be great with my students and I’m excited to hear the conversation.

I unfortunately abandoned the first title in our Great Books of the 21st Century reading list. American Gods just wasn’t for me and felt like a total chore reading. I’ve only read some of Neil Gaiman’s short fiction and have liked it and I find him inspiring as an artist and fellow human being, but I just couldn’t manage Gods.

I think the group is set to discuss my failure and to start The Book Thief.

I’ve written a little about this elsewhere, but I was totally flattered to have my project Little Billboards get a nice mention from the Found Poetry Review.

I think I’m still working in the spirit that I started the project. While I haven’t abandoned “traditional” haiku formats, I’ve been having a lot of fun working in found poetry/humument territory. I wish I had time to do more sound poems (or whatever they are). Regardless, I’m trying to update two to four times a week. I was a bad art student once, but this project has been a great excuse to play again. My two-year-old daughter often helps or works alongside me. The good stuff’s probably hers.

One of the more interesting titles I wrote and worked to this past week:



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