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Seasonal Updates and Otherwise

I recently interviewed poet Ashley M. Jones. She was great to talk to, all at once kind, thoughtful, and generous with her time. I can’t wait for her new work.

I have a few more planned, but the details are shaky for the moment. I have a lot of reading to do for them right now.

We just posted episode four of the new volume of The Outrider Podcast. I talk to novelist Jason Quinn Malott about writing and attempting to balance creativity in one’s life.

School’s out, but I’m reading some possible summer reading choices and re-reading some books on pedagogy and doing some planning for the second semester.

Overall, it was a tough year with almost the last whole month of someone in the family being sick. Maybe it’s the season, but I’m hopeful for 2018.



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Stephen McClurg

I like red peppers and Jan Svankmajer movies.

1. Current Listening: May Day by Silica Gel

2. Current Viewing: "Uncle Yanco" (1967).

3. Current Reading: Ottessa Moshfegh: Death In Her Hands

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