The Week That Was, or Diplomas and Diapers

The girls have really been into The Who Was? Show, a kids’ history show on Netflix. I overheard this:

4YO: You don’t know what happened to Amillion Airheart?
6YO: Nobody at all in the whole world knows. She may have crashed or she may have  been captured.
4YO: No one knows?
6YO: Nope.
4YO: Not even you?
6YO: She drove a plane. I think she got captured.
4YO: Me, too.

The rest of the week has been a brain drain getting ready for the end of the school year. I usually feel a lot of stress from the school year at this time, partially because of AP tests, and partially because of having alternate schedules almost every day.

I like staying regular.

I guess there’s a sort of milestone with hitting ten posts of Lost Chords & Serenades Divine –a music blog I write over at The Drunken Odyssey.

We attended a kindergarten graduation that was well-organized and somehow painless. I took the grad out to lunch. She requested pancakes.

Speaking of staying regular, the younger one got a stomach virus instead of a diploma. Several blankets and sheets were demolished in the process. Once the vomiting stopped, diapers were necessary. Always keep a small amount of large diapers for the little ones once they stop wearing them regularly. Emergency nappies. You never know when a bug’s going to make ’em go.



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