Halloween Horror Binge: Week Four, Part II

I Sell the Dead (2008)

Well-acted and fun horror comedy about grave robbers that weighs in heavier as comedy than horror. It’s not bad, but these are often not my thing. I wanted to see Angus Scrimm in one of his last roles, especially since he was excited about playing violin in this. In the right setting, this would be perfectly fine, but I’m a much bigger fan of Cemetery Man (1994). When the kids are older and want to watch some horror movies together, this will be fun.

Hole in the Wall (2011)


This one is bizarre and bizarrely local. Wisconsin backyard micro-budget horror. These folks seem to be into the Guinea Pig series, Troma, and Jorg Buttgereit. See who can make it through the first short without blowing chunks of squeaky cheese curds.

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013)


An art film full of giallo imagery and ideas. Fantastic soundtrack. Most people are just not going to like this movie. Constant camera and lighting effects, indirect storytelling, etc. If you know giallo motifs and like art film, then this is a blast. I liked it better than Under the Skin (2013), but not as much as Berberian Sound Studio (2012).

Cub (2014)


A Belgian horror film that is surprisingly good for a “lost in the woods” movie. It features better acting and storytelling and more interesting characters than typical slasher-in-the-woods fare, but aspects of the ending are not as amusing or original–still, that won’t keep me from watching this one again.

Mile High Horror (2015)


A horror anthology of shorts collected from a film festival and it feels like it. A wide range of style,  mood, and skill. With a few exceptions, these definitely feel like amateur films. That’s not necessarily bad, it just depends on what you want to sit through as a viewer. I was happy to see a few stop-motion entries here, even if they’re uneven. I’m glad others still find interest in the form.


And there it is. 31 in 31.

Happy Halloween!



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